Indian Stock Market Terminology

NSE – National Stock Exchange

It is India’s Leading Stock Exchange located in Mumbai India.
It lists more filtered companies than on BSE.
Market Capitalization: US $ 3 trillion
Official Website:
No of listings: 1952
Flagship Index: NIFTY – 50
Governed by: SEBI
World Rank by Volume – 4

BSE – Bombay Stock Exchange –

It is another Stock Exchange located in Mumbai India.
Market Capitalization : US $ 3.4 trillion
Official Website:
No of listings: 5439
Flagship Index: SENSEX
Governed by: SEBI

NIFTY – 50

It is derived from the economic research of NSE for those interested in investing and
trading in Indian equities, which comprises 65% of total NSE market capitalization. It is calculated
using the market capitalization-weighted methodology, floated adjusted.
Base value – 1000
Base Capital Rs 2.06 trillion
Index size – 50


It consists of 30 financially sound companies in BSE. Among these are most actively traded in the BSE. It is calculated based on the free float capitalization method.
Base value – 100
Base Capital Rs 2501.24 crore
Index size – 30

SEBI – Securities and Exchange Board Of India

SEBI is an Indian Regulatory body for the securities and commodity market. It has its headquarters in Mumbai.
It controls and regulates everything related to the stock market, equity, bond, and its derivatives.

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